Dr. Jório Santana is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Hair transplantation is highly effective against baldness

When performing this treatment, the surgeon reorganizes the follicular units by transplanting them from one region of the head or body, to another. This technique involves individually preparing the follicular units using a microscope. The great advantage of this approach is that the natural characteristics of the hair are maintained, enabling very natural results in both how the hair looks, and how it grows.

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Feedback from patients

“Dr. Santana was recommended to me and I soon realized that I had found the right professional. I felt reassured by him and his team treated me very well. I was impressed with my fast recovery and very satisfied with the results just four months after surgery. After three days, I was back to work and had barely any swelling or pain. I would like to thank Dr. Santana, I’m certain that he will continue to impress patients with his outstanding hair restoration procedures.” – Pedro

“In September 2014, I became acquainted with Dr. Jório and his work. Although I doubted the promised results, I chose to go ahead with a hair restoration treatment. Eight months after the procedure, I feel like a new man. My hair is back, I’m happy and joyful. I even feel younger and believe I got back some years of my life. Looking at myself in the mirror today, I can’t help but be astonished by what can be accomplished.” – Carlos

“My expectations have been greatly surpassed with the hair restoration surgery performed by Dr. Jório Santana. I’m very satisfied with the results and my self-esteem has improved considerably. The procedure itself is not complicated or stressful for the patient, and three days later I was back at work. I can only encourage those who are interested in a hair restoration surgery to go ahead with the procedure. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied and happy with the results; for I can say this has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my entire life.” – Daniel

Dr. Jório Santana is a member of the Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery). This membership establishes the excellence of his expertise and his technical knowledge.

What is baldness?

Baldness is a hair loss that can occur in both men and women, causing visible imperfections on the scalp. Many factors cause hair loss, including hereditary causes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal disorders, chemical products and some medications.


Dr. Santana uses the FUE technique with robotic technology, a new hair transplantation method that does not leave linear scars.

The FUE technique is another option in hair restoration

With the FUE (Follicullar Unit Extraction) technique, follicular units are extracted from one area of the head or body, and implanted to another. It is a non-invasive method with extremely natural results.


Dr. Jório Santana frequently goes to symposiums and conferences about baldness and its new treatments in Brazil and abroad.


Dr. Jório Santana

Dr. Santana graduated in Medicine and did his residency in plastic surgery at UERJ (State University of Rio de Janeiro). He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. These internationally recognized organizations certify professionals qualified in hair transplantation procedures. Dr. Santana is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.